Remember the longer you want your dogs coat to be the more frequent the grooming appointments need to be …..

How much for a groom ?

I do not like to quote prices by breed, particularly if I haven’t seen the dog, as there is a huge range within any breed; however a general idea of pricing for a full groom can be seen here. Pricing is all based on the time spent working on your dog. Time spent can vary from dog to dog and an individual dog can require differing amounts of work at individual appointments.
Adult Dog Grooming Price Guide (a full groom would be woofly…..)

What affects the price of a groom?
• Size of dog and coat type, rather than actual breed as there can be a lot of variation within breeds
• Behaviour of dog
• Time since last professional groom
• Maintenance done at home… or not !!
• Neutered pets tend to grow thicker denser coats requiring more work
• Style to be achieved
• Techniques required to achieve desired style

” Don’t shave my dog !!”
I do not like clipping dogs very short either but I will not be unfair to your dog. Our salon runs a strict shave policy. If a coat is badly matted and cannot be sorted out without causing your dog pain and discomfort then clipping short may be the only humane option I am able to offer you. This would be a last resort and I can offer advice on how to avoid this in the future by setting up a maintenance plan for you and your dog. Feel free to pick up one of our home grooming guides, with tips and tricks to prevent matted coats.

Choices of appointments available

Full Groom –
“Nose to tail and all the bits in between”

Included as standard –
• Nail cutting and filing (including dew claws)
• Paw pads (matt and foreign body removal)
• Ears (hair plucked & cleaned)
• Hygiene areas attended to
• Health check (anything requiring veterinary
attention is noted such as lumps bumps, body abnormalities, weight check etc.
• Comprehensive full body wash – (we don’t skimp on corners or bits the owner doesn’t see)
• Drying – using highly specialised products and techniques which promote your dog’s
comfort and wellbeing
• Full groom – Coat gets fully groomed and styled according to the individual dog’s
requirements, taking into account breed and
owners wishes
Included on request –
Anal gland check and expressed where needed
Teeth brushing (please note we do not de-scale teeth)

B&B (Brush & Bath) – Available in-between regular grooming appointments. Generally half the price of a full groom. No body styling is included but we may trim feet and fringes if required. This is very helpful for high maintenance coats like bichons, which require regular brushing and blow-drying to detangle coats.

Nail Trim, Glands, Fringe Trim, Hygiene Clip – €10 each.  Usually available on a drop-in basis while salon is open but best to call ahead.